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Terms and Conditions


Please read here before booking services with us.



  1. WR Soccer Schools does not accept any liability to personal loss or damage to those who attend and/or take part in the sessions. Nor does WR Soccer Schools accept any liability to those who are injured during the sessions.
  2. Children who are dropped off before a course starts are doing so at their own discretion - WR Soccer Schools are not responsible for any children before a course start time.


Courses, Classes and Clubs:

  1. ​Parents are not to leave their child with our coaches until the designated start time of the session. This is at the coach's discretion.
  2. Late Payments: Parents must pay for sessions in advance unless pre-agreed with the Company. If a parent has not paid by the end of the 2nd session the child's place on the course/class /club will be held until outstanding payments have been settled. There may be a 10% admin charge for this at the discretion of the Company.​
  3. There could be an additional charge/s for the number of additional weeks which pass without receiving outstanding payments.
  4. Collecting children: If a parent/guardian is over 15 minutes late picking up their child, the parent/guardian may be charged £5 for this and then an additional £5 for every 10 mins after this. At the discretion of the company.

i.e. A session finishes at 12pm and the parent collects at 12:25. The parent may be charged £10 for this. £5 for being later than 12:15 and £5 for going over another 10 mins.

Photo Consent:

  1. We will take photos on our sessions for the purpose of promotional use which may include your child/ren in them. We will assume that we have your consent for this when you are sending your child/ren to our classes/courses etc. To opt out of photos you must tick the box on our form or inform us in writing. This preference can be changed at any time. 

Prize Draws

  1. When offering prize draws there is no additional fee to enter these apart from booking onto our courses/classes.
  2. You must have registered and paid before the deadline to be entered into the prize draw.
  3. When booking: Each individual session p/child = 1 entry into the prize draw. 
    1. For example, booking 2 children onto 3 days of our holiday courses would equal 6 entries into the draw.
  4. Only the stated prize/s will be given away and nothing additional to these.

Future Talent Programme:

  1. ​T's & C's can be found in the info pack. All parents will receive this before signing up as the registration form which needs to be filled in is found inside this.

Birthday Parties

  1. All parties are booked subject to a quote
  2. A non-refundable deposit must be paid prior to a party being booked in. The remaining balance of payment needs to be paid 3 days before the date of the party otherwise the services will not be carried out.
  3. Any changes/amendments to the services booked after the quote and deposit have been taken may incur a £5 admin charge at the discretion of the company.
  4. Products placed in goody bags must be checked by a parent/guardian before giving to a child as WR Soccer Schools does not accept any liability for any harm caused due to the consumption or use of any products in the goody bags.
  5. If WR Soccer Schools are hiring a venue on your behalf, you are acknowledging and accepting that you (the customer) are responsible for the hiring and that WR Soccer Schools is facilitating the booking process for you. This means that any additional charges to your booking amount, either due to damage/leaving the premises late etc is to be paid in full by you (the customer).




  1. WR Soccer Schools reserve the right to change these terms at any time.

Refund Policy (Part of the Terms and Conditions)

Please read here before booking a course with us.


  1. If you wish to cancel a session which you have booked onto no refund will be given. You may be given a credit note if you cancel 1 week before the session is to begin at the discretion of the company.
  2. If a session is cancelled due to reasons out of our control i.e facility closure, bad weather, lack of numbers attending etc we will offer credit notes for future classes and courses.
  3. In regards to weekend block bookings: You are booking 6 consecutive weeks. If your child misses a class, you will not be reimbursed for the missed session or given an extra session unless you give WR Soccer Schools no later than 1 week's notice in writing of your child's absence. If a session is cancelled by WR Soccer Schools an extra session will be added to the end of your booking period to make this back up.

Special Guest Appearances

  1. From time to time WR Soccer Schools may try to arrange things for the children to enjoy. This could be in the form of a professional player or freestyler, for example, which would be fun for the children to enjoy.
  2. We do our utmost to ensure this happens however things, out of our control, could effect the appearance of this individual or arranged event.
  3. WR Soccer Schools are not under any liability for any issues which may arise forcing the event/individual to not appear on any given date.


Privacy Policy

Please read here. By visiting and using this site you are agreeing to the terms stated below.


  1. Contact details provided whilst filling out any forms on this website (or by contacting us on the above contact details) will be stored and used by WR Soccer Schools for future marketing purposes. These details will not be passed on to any 3rd party.