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Dynamic Coaching - Be Different.

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Coaching Philosophy

In a nutshell ...

  • We are innovative with our approach - We do not use dated, linear coaching practises which were taught in past generations and incredibly, still are used now.
  • We categorically dismiss any sort of over-coaching (telling a player where to stand, when to pass, shoot or dribble etc)
  • The atmosphere for the sessions are fun and stress-free.
  • We set up sessions for the children to take control and shine. We encourage decision making from the players with our sessions being "player-specific" and not "coach-specific".
  • Sessions are created to be free-flowing with as less interruption as possible.
  • Children being coached by WRSS will be put into performance realistic environments only. 
  • Children are given visual images and oppurtunities to be guided into an understanding rather than just given the necessary information.
  • ​Sessions have plenty of variation and are constantly fluctuating.
  • Children of ANY ability will be challenged further to improve their game.

We have recently reviewed this section as we have researched and gained knowledge in some new and exciting ideas. We have produced a written philosophy on the studies and new practises we are moving towards. This is available upon request however some of the points are provided on the right.

If you would like more information: Please contact us and we can have a conversation discussing the new concepts and ideas that we have installed into all of our sessions. We believe in our new philosophy and believe it is the direction that all sports coaching needs to head into for sustainable success.

WR Soccer Schools sets up the sessions, the children deliver it.

Statement from the Owner:

"We, as a company, are young, fresh and full of new concepts and ideas. We want to move the future generations away from the existing traditional over-coaching we experienced as we were growing up and enhance this with the latest research and practices. WR Soccer Schools strive to provide an innovative and engaging experience for all children taking their first steps towards a healthy and active lifestyle. We aim to develop children's physical literacy, decision-making, social and technical attributes whilst ensuring sessions are fun, relevant and engaging. Our real success isn't in how many future Messi's or Ronaldo's we create. Our success lies in the number of children who continue being active outside of our classes with their friends, building confidence and creativity."

Waheed Ramzan 

Head Coach/Founder.