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Behaviour Management - WR Soccer Schools


All children, staff, parents and anyone else associated to the business and to the sessions have the right to feel safe, secure and happy.
It is the coach’s responsibility to lead the session and to manage the session so that this can be the case.
We want our coaches to be engaging and be able to control a class – Making sure that each of the (up to) 30 children you will have are going to get the best chance of taking something away from the lesson.
Whilst we want you to be fun and engaging to the children who take part in our sessions, there needs to be a line and an authority which means children know the difference between what is a harmless joke/action and what could bare serious consequences.
We (the coaches) must have a zero-tolerance policy towards anything, which could make an individual/group of children feel unsafe, uncomfortable or upset. Each and every child has the right to feel happy and enjoy our sessions.


WRSS Players Rules

  • Players must show respect to all coaches, parents and other children.
  • Players are not allowed IN ANY WAY to make another person feel uncomfortable or upset
  • This could be by making fun of somebody for not passing you the ball or for not kicking the ball properly.
  • This could also be by not passing the ball to somebody because you do not think they are as good as you.
  • Players should not single out a child or bully a child.
  • Bullying could be swearing or calling bad names to another child.
  • Bullying could be laughing at somebody for making mistakes.
  • Bullying is making somebody not feel good about themselves or upsetting them on purpose.
  • Players should not use any bad language or make inappropriate comments/jokes.
  • Players are not to show any anger or violence towards another person. Towards an adult or a child.
  • Players must be fair and kind to all other children.
  • Older players should set a positive example to younger players.
  • Players should help others learn by encouraging and motivating them.
  • Players must display excellent sportsmanship and fair play.
  • Players are expected to listen to the coach’s instructions at all times.
  • Players are expected to try their best to improve their skills in the games and activities.
  • Have fun!

WR Soccer Disciplinary Step Process

Step 1) Official Warning: A quiet discussion to prevent any more issues.
Step 2) ‘Sin Bin’: Up to 5 Minutes time out to calm down followed by a further discussion to understand the cause and punishment.
Step 3) Yellow Card: A discussion at the end of the session/Phone Call with parent to discuss behaviour and how we have reached this stage.
Step 4) Red Card:  A 1 session ban at the next available opportunity.
Step 5) Removal: If a child is really disrupting sessions and/or making other children unhappy during sessions then they will be removed form the group permanently.Type your paragraph here.